Wednesday, April 28, 2004

The Cast of Characters

These are in absolutely no order whatsoever. One of these days, I might alphebatize them, or do some sort of other re-org, but for now, this is how they stay.

french: the author. Mid-20's, curvaceous, switch (but mostly a bottom), progressive, dork.

Jay (also J): New and improved Jay is now french's husband!  Yay!!  (french is pretty sure that the glee over this fact is not ever going to go away).  Also a switch, but is perfectly happy to mostly top french.

Vinnie (also V): french's close friend, as well as former housemate. Gay. Been friends with french since fall of 1999, when they met in college. As near as we can tell, has at least mild interest in BDSM. french's confidante for many, many things.

Mike (also M): V's boyfriend. Lived in the house with french, Jay, and Vinnie over the summer before he went back into college. Vinnie is apparently corrupting him (and french is helping). Seems to occasionally be submissive to Vinnie.

Joseph (also JS): A mostly-internet friend of Jay and french both.  When french and Jay were broken up in 2003, hit on french hardcore.  As of 2009, he still lives across the country and still has a kid, and still has the hots for french.  Has said that he is not at all in to kink.

Hal:  One of the men in "2009:  The year of MEN in french's life".  Geeky, dorky, possibly (probably?) kinky.  Spends most of the time he sees french in flirting with her.  Has a long-term live-in girlfriend, knows french professionally and so they are not allowed to have an outside personal relationship.

Cecil: Friend of both Jay and french, lives on another side of the country from them. Also finds french attractive, but says he won't hit on her because he has a girlfriend of his own, Star. Funny, slightly spastic, employed in tech support but really wishes he could be a mad scientist.

Elizabeth: french's closest female friend, and therefore a rarity. Met french in college, where they roomed together for a year, a golden fabulous year that french often says was probably her best in college. This may or may not have anything to do with the fact that Elizabeth and french more or less spent the year completely intoxicated. Now living a few towns away from french, with her now-husband.

Rabbit: One of french's former roommates; known to french from college. A few years younger than french. Also good friends with Vinnie and Mike. Snowboards, decorates in gothic style, but has a wicked sense of humor and is a talented writer.

Camel: french's other former roommate. In grad school for the same thing as french, but in a different program. Very nice, good to live with, sometimes talks an awful lot.

Peter: Slightly older man that french hoped at the very least to add to her list of "straight male friends", because she finds it lacking. May or may not be interested in french romantically. Has gone out on a date or two with her, and is apparently interesting in going out on more. This entertains french no end, as she's never so much "dated" people before. However, has fallen off the face of the planet.

Chris: french's other roommate from August of 2005 through July of 2006, who she hated. Significantly. Chris thought that he and french were friends.

A: french's "fake internet friend" who visited the house for a while in the summer of 2004. Drove french crazy, due to his poor social skills and generally awkward demeanor. Fled back to the UK after finding out that his heart wasn't mended after all.

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