Sunday, April 17, 2011

Made of what again?

Of all of the people I know, only Hal has the knack of showing up in my dreams.

Let me back that up.  I dream a lot.  My pagan side, and pagan contingent of friends, could expound on the reasons for that for basically ever, and that's cool.  But basically, I dream a lot.  I also tend to remember my dreams, and I try to make an effort to write them down.

References to people I know happen all of the time.  Like, having my grandmother's necklace, or being at my parent's house, or their church, or whatever.  But people I know?  Don't often show up.  I don't recall ever dreaming about Jay, or about my grandmother, or about my father.  My mom will show up sometimes, but other than that, that's it.

That's not to say there aren't people in my dreams.  They are, I just don't know them "in real life", if that makes sense.  They're people in the dream, and in the dream, I know them well, but they don't correspond to someone I know in the corporeal world.

Hal, on the other hand, shows up all the damn time.

He shows up in all kinds of dreams - happy ones, neutral ones, nightmares.  He was being stalked by a serial killer in one; that was a good time.  We were in a burning building, in another.  And he's taken me for rides on his motorcycle, been at parties with me, and more.

As for why he continually shows up, I haven't a clue.  Perhaps its my brain filling in information that I don't yet know about him? Wishful thinking? Not really sure.

Conversely, Joseph reports that he dreams about ME all the time.  And Jay?  Jay never remembers his dreams.