Sunday, January 09, 2005

KIDS, people

I'm really not a big fan of doing a retrospective at the end of every year, although maybe I should be. It might actually give me a sense of closure and perspective on things. Then again, I haven't before, and my memory doesn't show signs of decaying anytime soon, so I'm sure I'll remember what I need to, when I need to.

To tie up the last story arc on here, JS has fallen off the face of the planet again, and really, that's for the best. I have enough to focus on here (ooh, look at me rationalize!) without focusing on that. Sure, ignoring your problems is healthy. Trust me, I'm a professional - and they let me work with kids, of all things.

That at least is going well - the working part, anyway. I highly enjoy what I do, and so, it seems, does everyone else. The problem is that it is a high-stress job, and my schedule is such that I work Sunday evening, Monday overnight, Tuesday day (just a meeting, though), Wednesday evening, then Friday evening. So I get two days off a week, just not in a row. This means that both of them are usually "I'm damn tired, so I'm staying in bed" days, and that means that shit and fuckall get done around the house. My table? Still not finished. Laundry? Large enough to have its own gravitational pull. Dusting? HAHAHAHA.

On the plus side though, today before work J and his mother and I went about an hour south of here to pick up a five-year-old portable dishwasher, for an amazing $75, from a woman I met online. It's a little loud, and it was bulky to move, but oh gods, it works, and now maybe dishes won't be a fight in this house anymore, because no one will have to actually physically wash them.

About all that's happened otherwise is that I couldn't fall asleep last night, so I was up for three hours in bed just thinking of things, and I think I thought of a side-business I could get started. If I ever, you know, get some capital to invest in start-up costs, and get off my ass. Basically, I'm a fairly good seamstress, and a pretty damn good embroiderer, and you can sell the products of both of those things. I could go one of two ways, I think. I could A: sell specialized embroidered pieces and other fabric pieces for the members of my sorority, or B: sell costuming and custom-made garments, with or without embroidery and other details. Both could be very nicely profitable, if done right. There's certainly a market in both of those places, but I'm unsure of how to tap into it, and also how to get off the ground. For now, I think I'll stick to cross-stitching for my own entertainment.

It's not even as if I don't make enough money to live on from my job - because I do, even though it's not as much as I made in the, quite frankly, more lucrative research field. But the thought of extra money coming in... ooh. Tempting.

Speaking of tempting, J is on the couch, playing video games, and he kicked my ass earlier in two-player Katamari Damacy (well, he does have the advantage of playing for the last three days straight, while I just started last night - still, dammit, I hate losing), so I think I'll go get him back for that.