Monday, July 09, 2007

"When it detects things, it goes 'ding'!"

I am not sure how I managed to get through the entirety of my geeky-ass life without seeing even a single minute of Doctor Who prior to June 30, but I somehow did.

I mean, not only do I happen to love a lot of other British TV (Avengers and Waiting for God, anyone?) but I used to watch PBS like it was my job.

Never seen it. Glad I have now. Been watching as many episodes as I can get my hot little hands on.

Also, would do David Tennant six ways from Sunday.


Amber said...


It's funny too, because Dan knew that Ray and I had been into Doctor Who big time when I introduced Ray to the old shows in the late 80's/early 90's on PBS. Ray and I would stay up together until midnight on Friday nights just to watch the show. It was a cool bonding "mom/son" thing.

Anyway, when they started it up again and it premiered on BBCA, Ray and I were talking about it for months ahead of time, very excited.

Dan was amused and resigned to our geeking out. He didn't know much about the show, or the characters, although he was aware of it, being a nerd for Star Trek and all.

But he watched along with me as the Rose and the Christopher Eccleston Doctor were introduced. Rolling his eyes at what he thought were rather lame special effects and what I thought was a vast improvement upon the so-called "special effects" the show used to be famous for when they had no budget at all, lol.

By the third ep., he was hooked. Asking me questions about why this and why that and looking it up on Wiki.

I'm totally loving the new companion, even though I was very attached to Rose. Sometimes this show makes me cry with emotion and Dan too, although he is mortified about that, lol!

Such a quirky, interesting, fun, passionate, intelligent little show. I'm so glad you ran across it! :)

french said...

Okay so WHY am I not surprised that you are a Doctor Who fan :)