Tuesday, August 28, 2007


So, I might still have a kidney infection. I'm not sure. I finished week two of the seriously-not-fucking-around antibiotics last week, and... this week I still have to pee all the time, and my kidney-area is still hurting me, and I'm still uncomfortable as hell. SUPERAWESOME!!!1*&$^

I realize that, right, the smart idea would be to, I don't know, call my doctor, but I don't want to for a few reasons. First, I hate her. Secondly, I hate her. C, the ultrasound of my kidneys and bladder came back completely normal, so that makes me think that maybe I'm crazy and there's nothing wrong with me (except there is), and four, I hate going to a doctor and not being told what is wrong. It's like, if I'm going to actually go and physically see the doctor because something is wrong with me, I want an answer to what is wrong with me, and a solution that, y'know, works. Guesses, speculation, and "I don't know", I can do myself, and much more affordably (just wait until you see my rates! And you thought a $10 copay was cheap).

Unfortunately, of the times I have gone to a doctor in the past five years with a problem, only once have I gotten an actual answer and a treatment that worked. That was the time I was freaking hospitalized. Other than that? "Well... try this. It might be this. We don't know why you're having these symptoms because all of the tests come back normal."

I hate that shit, yo.

Fifth, I hate her, and while I don't want to work right now, working is a much more attractive option than going to see her.

Other things I need to do include getting the damn alarm taken off my car, go grocery shopping, figure out what the hell else I'm going to eat for lunch and dinner this week (I have to do this, otherwise I revert to eating cheese and junk food for all three meals), and do something with the half of my room that is currently an unorganized pit of despair.

Sounds like a good time to catch up on my blog reading, doesn't it?


Chickpea said...

I hate doctors too. I went 4 years without seeing anyone other than my gyno and I hated the one I finally did see and after a second opinion, I found out I had a gallstone and gallbladder disease. The first one dismissed me with the flu. My advice to you: Get a copy of recent medical records. Get another doctor. Get a second opinion. If it's something more (which it sounds like) you could be making yourself worse by the minute by not doing anything.

Also, for the record, my security word I had to type in for this comment is qyckunts - all I saw was "cunts"

french said...

Somehow, your interpretation of my captcha does not surprise me :)

As for doing something, I went to the doctor today, who, did kind of look at me like, "are you serious?". We're playing the waiting game - if I'm still not right by next Tuesday, I'm getting a CT scan.

I kind of wanted to go today, but that would have been a hard sell, considering that the ultrasound and literally every single one of the labs came back normal.