Thursday, September 30, 2004

Drivin' in his best friend's car

The past month, I've been pretty much sleeping and working - sometimes time is taken up by my commute. That's just not healthy for anything but my checkbook. I have to admit, french enjoys getting checks for amounts of over $1000 net. She enjoys it a lot, as do her various bank accounts and creditors. French's roommates, however, don't like when she's not home, because things don't get done.

Today marks the first day in almost two months that I'm going grocery shopping. In case that isn't clear to anyone, I'm slightly food obsessed. Cooking is one of the ways I show people that I care about them. Food's also one of the things I need in the house in decently large quantities to feel safe and secure - and to not resort to just ordering out all the time, which isn't good either. So for me to not have bought any groceries at all for two months is nearly panic time.

It wouldn't have even happened if I'd had more than one day off every two weeks or so for the past while. Admittedly, that's my own fault - I don't need to pick up all those extra shifts, but they really need help, and I could use the money... what finally stopped it was when I realized that before today, I'd been at work every single day for the past 13. I was going to make it 15 in a row, if I'd gone in for a meeting today, but since it wasn't absolutely essential, I decided fuck that, french needs a full goddamned day off.

What this also means is that my sex life is about nil again. Partly that's because I took a voluntary break for a while after the last serious set of incidents with J, and partly because I'm literally not home and awake for more than about an hour a day. Now that I've sworn off picking up extra shifts for at least a month (or else V will seriously maim me, he says), and J and I are starting to work through some of our issues, that might pick up a bit again.

My other excuse, if you can call it that, for not blogging in the past month has to do with other blogs. It seems that nine times out of ten, when I come up with an issue to talk about on here, I start making the entry, but then I check other blogs, and two or three of them just addressed it, and expressed what I wanted to say in such fine fashion I feel like there's no point in my posting. Not only would I be repeating other people's things, but I don't feel that I could even improve upon it. Rather frustrating, really, because I don't want this to just turn into "Oh hey, check out this blog because they already said stuff I wanted to", but at the same time, I really hate even the illusion of plagiarism or hackney.

Maybe what I need to start doing is make a list of things I'd like to blog about, wait until a few months after other people have done it, and then do it myself. Of course, that would require organization, which isn't always a strong point outside of my work life.

Either way. I need to start posting again.

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