Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Put on some make-up

Had my first interview today, and it went smashingly, actually. I realized how much I miss power-dressing. You know - tailored skirts, smart blouses, shoes to die for. I miss it. I miss the heady feeling of being totally capable and in control. I miss what it projects.

I went in one Monday evening to work power-dressed. I'd been at my volunteer placement, and it requires business-wear; no blue denim is allowed. I opted to not change for work. I was wearing a burgundy blouse, gray trousers, and black heels. I looked good.

Every single kid commented on how good I looked. And I got so much less flack that evening - much less than I've been getting lately. And it was the clothes. They projected confidence and power for me, and because I knew that's what the clothes were saying, it was a lot easier to match my behavior to it. And that was a damned good night at work; probably one of the best I've had in months.

So it was nice today, to wear a trim skirt, trendy little sweater, and cute heels, and look fabulous and professional and tailored and put together - even if I changed into jeans and a t-shirt at work again.

I can't wait to be back into heels on a regular basis.

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