Thursday, October 12, 2006

Squee, motherfuckers

I spent some quality time on Tuesday updating my resume. I hate resumes. I hate them more when I have to rewrite them. But I think I came up with what is my best resume yet, so I duly sent it off to a few places I'd seen potential openings at.

Earlier in the week, I'd emailed Elizabeth, because I thought I saw her job posted on a job board and was confused and amused. She replied that it was not hers, but it was for a position in the same town I currently work in.

She called back two days later stating that the salary was much higher than she thought it would be, and that while they were in their final rounds of candidates, she was relatively sure that one of them would not take it, and so an opening would arise. Her instructions were "I will call you, and you will give me your resume".

She called.

So tomorrow I send her my resume. Monday, I have an interview. It is for a job with better hours, much better pay, the same commute, and comparable benefits.

I have no idea what to wear! Oh god I need to go shopping.

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