Monday, December 04, 2006


I love alpaca socks.

I'm a little bit of a sock fiend. I've been known to spend my last two dollars in my wallet on a nifty-ass pair of socks, because socks have the amazing ability to make me giggle like a schoolgirl when I put them on. I have toe socks, stripey socks, argyle socks, etc. and so on, and I loves them.

But my favorites right now are definitely my alpaca socks. Yes, socks made from alpaca... wool? Hair? Whatever. MADE FROM ALPACAS. They are warm and soft and I use them for skiing and I loves me some skiing, so I loves me some alpaca socks.

They are some of the most expensive socks I own, at $15/pair, but they are worth every penny. I just washed my pairs and they are fresh and clean and oh-so-soft and ready for skiing which is good because HOLY CRAP it looks like it might finally be ski season for reals across the country. That's the awesome.

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