Saturday, December 30, 2006

It's the holiday season

You know, it didn't really feel like Christmas until I was driving somewhere in the middle of nowhere, on my way to my parents', and I stumbled across a station playing all Christmas music, and some Andy Williams tunes came on.

I never knew that was the guys' name, but he and Ray Coniff and his choir literally defined Christmas for me growing up.

Good thing it hit before the holiday actually did.

I'm back home for a period of less than twenty-four hours: I drove back from Mom and Dad's last night, and today I am driving up to a friends' for New Year's and skiing. And I need to get packing.

Jay is coming with me. But we're not dating. No, really. We're not.

Off to packing it is, then.


Hannah said...

No, not dating at all.
*insert eye roll here*
Happy new year!

french said...

I am not calling it dating, therefore, we are not dating.

Ah, the power of words!

Happy new year to you too :)