Tuesday, March 20, 2007

oh shi-

Oh, my god, I bought a crop.


Hannah said...

Ride 'em, cowgirl!

Larry said...

Please, do tell what went through your mind.

Are you anxious to use it? Fearful? Thrilled? Panicked?

What, if anything, are you looking forward to?

I can't wait (for you) to be introduced to Mr Crop. I know your honest writing will convey it well.

Master Enigma said...

Did you buy a pony as well?

Soulless said...

Is it for you to use? Or to have used on you?

Jocelyn said...

details, please. ;)

french said...

soulless: yes.

master enigma: I wish! Horses will have to wait until I have enough saved up to buy the country house ;)