Tuesday, April 10, 2007

wrung me out

I swear to god, I have not died, not forgotten, about this, etc. and so on. I've been tied up with a major project for grad school - on the order of, "it's your entire grade for the semester", so it's a wee bit time-consuming.

BUT. I am done with it after Wednesday. Which means I am going to let myself sit down and tell y'all all about the crop that I bought (because clearly we tried it out just about the exact minute it showed up on my doorstep).

Now to go finish polishing up my presentation for tomorrow and get some damned sleep.


Jocelyn said...

'I am going to let myself sit down'

So we know that you can still sit down. Now I'm squirming with anticipation of the juicy bits. ;)

Hannah said...

Go, girl.