Thursday, October 04, 2007

Brief update

Had my CT scan yesterday. Can I just share, why are there incompetent nurses out there? I had blood taken on Monday. When she jabbed the needle into my arm, I about jumped off the table it hurt so badly - and it's not like I haven't had blood taken about six ZILLION times before; I can usually tell them exactly which vein to use, and it doesn't normally hurt. This, this hurt.

Result: huge bruise on my right forearm.

Wednesday, for the CT scan, not only did I have to drink nearly a liter of barium contrast medium (which is awful, ps), and put up with the waiting room (which was awful, ps), I got to have an IV put in my left arm so that they could also inject me with iodine. I've had IVs dropped in my arms, too. She's all prepping for my right arm (guess she didn't see the GIGANTIC BRUISE), so I tell her to use the left, which I also know from experience functions marvelously for venipuncture. Again, so much pain, I about jump off the table. I do not know why this is so complicated, especially when it's your damn job.

Anyway, I have an appointment with my doctor next week to discuss the results. In the meantime, I feel like crap and haven't worked yesterday or today. I am really, really glad that my boss is 100% understanding and supportive.

Also, I napped on my couch again today, and left a truly magnificent drool spot on my pillow. I literally woke up in a puddle. It was pretty awesome.

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