Tuesday, October 23, 2007

give me another round of...

You know, I like this "going to doctors and getting answers" thing. Not only did I find out what the hell was going on with my abdomen (and yes, it's possible that it was the main source of pain all along), but I also found out what's going on with my shoulder. That's only been screwed up for, oh, five months?

Leaving the question of why I wasn't booked with the clinic's shoulder specialist in the first place, I finally saw him yesterday. Diagnosis? Biceps tendinitis and a torn labrum. Which apparently was visible on the MRI, if you were looking for it. Glad I want to see him; I like knowing these sorts of things.

Basically, the torn labrum thing (well, and the tendinitis) is something that will just have to get better more or less on its own. However, we are going to try to speed up the process using physical therapy; I have my first evaluation appointment this coming Tuesday. While PT isn't my favorite thing in the world, I'll deal with it if it means less shoulder hurting.

I really, really like having explanations for things. It makes it a lot easier to deal with if I have a label for it.


Jocelyn said...

Would you please get out of my life! I just saw the doctor for a shot of cortisone in my shoulder. He knows I'm slightly allergic to PT...it always seems to make things worse. You do it for both of us. *g*

french said...

Gladly, since I really don't want a cortisone shot. While it seriously helped my back, I could live without the three days of extra-special pain they give me!