Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New year! Sweet lord!

My god, when did it get to be mid-January.

Oh wait.  After the frenzy of making sure I had Christmas gifts for everyone, including the in-laws (which, oh god, what a challenge - what do you get people you don't know well, aren't fond of, and who have everything they want anyway, especially when your partner is no help?), wrapping and shipping gifts as required, driving two days each way to see my family for the holiday, driving back home for New Years, having Vinnie up for New Years, going back to work, working on two routines for dance showcases at the end of the month, having friends over, attending a couple of birthday parties and OH RIGHT working... yeah.

I really would have liked to ring in the new year with something, oh, KINKY, but with Vinnie up that wasn't going to happen.  True, we now have a guest room, and it's not right next to the bedroom, and both doors were closed, but still.  And now that Jay and I are both working long hours again, we pretty much get home at night, eat something, vegitate, and go to sleep.  We just haven't had the energy to do much else.

Sad part is, we're both working on major projects for work, so who knows when that will change!  Seriously, we like our jobs, but UGH.

However, one of my goals for the next year is to blog once a week.  SO.  Even though I may not be participating in anything kinky,  I am going to make the effort to talk about it.  That should be a good time, right?


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