Sunday, July 25, 2010


Joseph and I frequently entertain ourselves during our respective work days by having salacious and flirtatious conversations.  Nearly as often, we're discussing politics or philosophy or something else, but the conversations do regularly turn sexual.  Sometimes it's describing what we'd like to to do to each other should we ever find ourselves in the same city.  Sometimes it's more prosaic - asking and answering questions about what the other likes, limits, etc.

While we were planning Tuesday's escapades, he made a passing remark that I might find it easier to write erotica after I'd "cum a bit".

Never mind the writing, there is no "bit" in cumming for me, and I promptly let him know.  We moved on in the conversation but I got the impression that he really didn't understand what I was saying.

Later that night, he did actually get to see me in the throes of orgasm.  Now, let me explain.  For me, orgasm is often explosive.  I've been told by Jay that it looks like I'm having a seizure, for starters.  My entire body spasms, and if I'm capable of any vocalization at all, it's merely guttural shrieks and or moans.  (Actually, I tend to lose verbal faculties fairly early on in arousal, which drives Joseph up a wall sometimes.  Seeing as how we largely communicate through text and phone calls.)  After orgasm, my brain more or less shuts down and I spend that time in a daze.  This daze can last anywhere from one minute to half an hour, depending on the severity of the orgasm.  I myself find it pretty fucking awesome; orgasm is the only thing I've found that can reliably halt my otherwise-constant brain activity.  It's a nice break, and would be even if I didn't find orgasm itself intensely pleasurable.

Anyway.  After I came to and was capable of moving again, I returned to the conversation.

"Holy fuck.  I did not think you were serious.  No wonder you fall asleep after; you look like you just got punched in the fucking skull."


"That or you're channeling a cat in a sunbeam.  God damn, woman."


Like seriously, you didn't believe me?  I'm pretty sure I'm the resident expert on my orgasm, thanks.

Although it was nice to find that I am occasionally able to read people through just text, and not just in person.  No, he did not really understand what I was saying.  *sigh*

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