Sunday, January 02, 2011

The holidays, we spent in a blur of visiting family.  His, and mine.  His is more local to us, so that was just a drive; I have family all over the damn country, so there were multiple flights involved.  I would like to register, for the record, that I do not like the TSA's tactics of either a groping or a nude-o-scope scan for "security".  It doesn't do anything to make us demonstrably safer and violates my rights as an American citizen.  Plus, the only people who have seen photographs of my naked flesh are Jay and Joseph and I'd like to keep it that way.

I know it's popular this time of year to make resolutions, but I've never been the type.  On the Twitterscope is a New Year's "Revolution" that the Health at Every Size community there is getting going, which I can definitely support.  I am all for radical acts of self-love and acceptance.

But I don't do resolutions.  They've always felt... contrived to me, I suppose.  And rather arbitrary.  I mean, if they work for you, go right the hell for it, and good luck.  But they don't work for me.

Still, it's hard to avoid reflecting at the turn of another calendar page, so a couple of the things I'd like to change for this coming month and year include:

  • Getting the hooks on the delicious bench we bought so that I can be both spanked AND restrained on/to it.
  • Sorting through the toys and moving the better part of them to the designated play room (which IS painted, cleaned, and carpeted!)
  • Getting over my hangups and posting more often. (The hangups, they are legion.)

I say "post more often" all the time, but yeah, I don't post regularly.  I'm honestly not in the blogging game to rule the world, have a gazillion fans or followers or friends or whateverthehell - although I do appreciate each and every one of you!  I'm not here to make money, either.  I'm here because sometimes, I just really need an outlet for some of the thoughts in my head that aren't what are typically classified as "socially acceptable", and this space works pretty well.  So thanks to you for joining me, on those irregular occasions, and Happy New Year to y'all.

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