Thursday, January 11, 2007

I am too young for this shit

Signs I am losing my mind:

1. I write down everyone's birthdays in my planner, along with the age they are turning during the year. I just copied everything over in to the new one. All of my ages last year were wrong - by varying amounts of time. Even for people like my mom, and I have had her birth date memorized for a long, long time.

2. I have two cell phones - one that is mine, one that is work's. I bring both of them to work. The other day, I was wearing nice pants, so my phone went in my bag, since it couldn't go in my pocket. I needed something off it, so I set it on my desk. I then proceeded to go to a meeting. After the meeting, I didn't see it on my desk, so I spent a good five minutes digging through my bag and going through my desk drawers and filing cabinets looking for it. I never put my phone in the pocket of nice pants. It was in my pocket.

3. I have been wearing a watch every day since I was like, twelve. I managed to leave the house without my watch today.