Monday, January 08, 2007

Just to be clear, I'm an idiot.

Can you tell I was angry this weekend?

I'm not entirely sure where all of my anger - my anger that was completely out of proportion to anything that was going on this weekend - came from. Part of it, I think, is just good old hormones. I'm due to start my period on Tuesday, and while I love this pill, apparently my body still likes PMS once in a while, the bitch. The other, I'm pretty sure I haven't been eating enough lately.

Hannah just posted about how being hungry makes her angry. And now that I think about it, I think I have in the past - or at least I wrote a draft; who knows if I posted it. But really? Low blood sugar makes me a raving lunatic bitch. Jay has started asking me when the last time I ate was lately, because I am one of those idiotic people that sometimes forgets to eat, subject to rants in comedy routines and hatred from everyone.

Well, maybe it's not so much forget, as realize I should eat, and then get distracted and not get around to it. This is for many reasons - sometimes I am wrapped up in something I can't tear myself away from. Sometimes I can't figure out what to eat, so I don't. Sometimes I have an idea of what I want to eat, but it would require lots of effort to make and I probably don't have the ingredients, so I'd rather not, thanks, 'cause I'm lazy. But yeah. Forget to eat.

I clearly need someone in my life who is in charge of making food appear for me at the proper time. Any volunteers?


WM said...

Oh wow, that not eating thing could so be me. For just me, I am far too lazy to go into much effort. Or my ADD strikes and I get distracted by a shiny object. Now cooking for someone else I can easily go nuts and make all kinds of shit. Go figure.

Hannah said...

It's amazing how many people are adversely affected by hunger.

Personally, I felt much better after I treated myself to some sushi on Sunday afternoon.

french said...

wm: Yeah, when I'm cooking for someone, I go all-out. I love feeding people. Except me. I apparently hate feeding me.

Hannah: mmmm, sushi. *drool*