Sunday, May 02, 2010

Naked time!

It is about a MILLION DEGREES out here right now, which I am NOT A FAN OF. It's only May 2!  It's not supposed to be hot until at LEAST June!

Yeah, that had about the effect on the weather you think it did.

On the plus side, there are curtains on the windows.  We had guests up in March (oh fuck, that was March already) and that prompted me to move really quickly through the rest of the "getting the house put together" business that I'd been neglecting since we moved in.  Oops.  Well, no, since I got it finished in time.  But... yeah, so I'm not the most prompt about that.

But as I was saying, there are curtains on all the windows now, so we can have the windows open and the curtains drawn, so we still get air but can wander around naked if we like, and seeing as how it's about A MILLION DEGREES OUT, that's on the plan.

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