Sunday, July 04, 2004


Well, found out Friday that I'm not pregnant.

Oh, not that I was worried. That little test was part of a screening I underwent on Friday, because I am likely going to participate in a clinical trial of a new HIV vaccine. Before anyone freaks out, no, there is no way that I could possibly get HIV or AIDS from this vaccine. None. They don't even use parts of the real virus. Nothing. Nada. No chance, zero zip. (Can you tell that I've had to explain this a lot, and am getting lazy? Yes indeed.)

I deliberately scheduled that for Friday afternoon. Why? Well, since Wednesday, there has been a veritable parade of guests in my home, and I fucking hate it.

Well, the only thing I really hate about it is that a "fake internet friend" of mine - a guy I know from online, who knows some other people I knew online and then met and really befriended in real life - is staying here. He's... interesting. Not that I didn't know that beforehand; when he asked to stay here I asked J with that tone in my voice that said "I'd really rather not this happened" if he could stay here, and J of course missed the tone completely and said "Sure!" Stupid me. One of these days I should grow more of a spine and not be nice for nice's sake.

Anyway, A, as we shall call him, is staying here for about a week. He's from the UK, and is over here for university summer classes. Given what I know about him, I have no idea how he's paying for any of this, because he hasn't really... well, ever worked. Not my problem though. He's staying in the third bedroom - my sewing/creativity room, and that irks me no end, because that's really the only room in the entire house that's really just about entirely mine, and here's this semi-alcoholic nicotine-and-7uP-fiend staying in there. Awesome.

It would be easier of A meshed with my friends, but he doesn't. At. All. Totally different personality, interests, sense of humor. Makes for a few awkward moments. Granted, he's my age, but he apparently already has a kid (who the fuck knew? Not me.) and has such a completely different view of the world that half the time we sound incomprehensible to each other. I'm trying to console myself with the fact that he's moving into university housing tomorrow, but right now I just want to shoot something. Really healthy anger expression, that is.

On top of that, V's boyfriend is in town, and two of our other friends are staying here for the holiday weekend as well. Words cannot express how awesome I find this. I get the feeling that if I weren't so on edge with A staying here, I'd be fine with the other three. M just stays in V's bedroom, and the other two friends crash in the living room, a room in which I have no personal stake. That and they have, you know, social skills.

Gah. I really do need to learn to be nice only when I want it, and not when I think I should be.

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