Monday, July 12, 2004

Sass that Hooptie

Saw Spider-Man 2 last night, through a semi-odd set of circumstances.

All week since he's moved into university housing, A has been calling and IMing me. Nearly constantly. I don't usually answer my phone on a regular day, and when I know it's him calling, I answer it less. I'm not a phone person to begin with, and I just do not have the energy in me to console and therapize A. He's desperately, desperately needy, and if I'm a bad person because I don't want him clinging on to me and draining me, so be it.

Turns out that his birthday is this week, and he wanted to go out this past weekend to "see a movie or something" and that he'd pay for whoever showed up. I admit, I winced. Movies aren't one of my favorite things, A isn't one of my favorite people, and I was going to feel bad going or not going. I didn't want him to pay, but I didn't want to not go, because it was the poor man's birthday and I wanted to at least try, in a marginal way, to make him happy.

Broached the subject to J and V, who agreed to go with. I picked Spider-Man 2 because it seemed like the movie least likely to offend anyone's sensibilities in this motley group. I had less of a "no desire" to see it than just about anything else out there, really. Spidey is cool and all, but I've always been more of a Batman girl.

Met A at the theater and walked into the movie just as they started the previews. V and I sat next to each other, and that was probably a bad idea. We proceeded to make snarky comments on all of the previews - not that we could help it; some of them were ridiculous. There's some movie coming out with Angelina Jolie wearing an eyepatch and Gwynyth Paltrow as some sort of detective straight out of the 30's and 40's, where there's zeppelins and aliens who are destrying the earth and all sorts of other shite. Our question was where the fuck did this come from. I do almost want to see I, Robot though, if only because Will Smith in action movies like that is nearly always entertaining.

Spider-Man itself was entertaining for all of the wrong reasons. I don't think I've ever seen a movie that had so many theatrical, blood-curdling screams in it. We discussed it after the movie, and decided that if we saw a huge guy with four metallic, robotic arms with pincers and blades and crap coming out of them charging at us with a look of impending doom on his face, our reaction would not be to let loose with a perfect scream. If we could get anything out, it would be along the lines of "oh fuck". But screams there were, as well as fabulous special effects. As well as unbeleivably awkward "character" moments, like when Aunt May talks about heroes, or nearly any scene between Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson. Being inappropriate beings in rare form, we laughed. A lot.

We laughed a lot after the movie as well, because we were taking the theatrical scream bit to new heights. Some times I don't think they should allow the three of us out in public. A seemed entertained - I know for a fact that he doesn't laugh, per se, but he was smiling and generally seeming amused. We gave him a ride home, since it was already after midnight, and headed home ourselves to settle in for a night of more videogames. Because we too are losers and dorks.

Despite my personal feelings towards him, I do hope A had a decent time last night. Like I said, he seemed amused and to be enjoying himself. Even if we'd wanted to, we couldn't hang around last night; J had work and V and I have things to do (which we haven't started yet, but that's a minor point). But we did at least go out and enjoy ourselves, and hopefully helped A enjoy himself a little bit too. Dammit, I just want people to be happy.

In other news, V says that I should withold sex from J until he gets his hair cut, as he is a shaggy beast with a near-mullet happening right now. J and I just exchanged Looks and started making out on the couch as V entertained himself with his new PS2.

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