Wednesday, July 14, 2004

And you use it only for me

My new job requires that I fairly frequently work overnight shifts, from 11 pm until 9 am. I don't have a problem with that; I'm a natural night-owl anyway.

My first shift like that is actually tonight, which made for a fun past day or so. Yesterday, I had a meeting at work at 11 in the morning. To adjust my sleep schedule so I'd be up all night tonight, that meant that I stayed up about all night last night.

Translation: I was going to bed just before J was supposed to be getting up for work.

I'm sure some of you can already tell where that went. And went it did. I'd been feeling, shall we say, amourous, that day anyway, but for one reason or another hadn't gotten the opportunity to act on it. Well, not directly at least. Dinner that night was interesting as all hell, but that's probably going to be a separate entry in the interests of time here.

I crawled into bed with J, causing him to somewhat wake up. I wasn't worried; he had to be up in 45 minutes anyway. I chattered a bit, as I usually to do him when I go to bed. It's an easy way for me to clear out my head of any last thoughts, comments, or observations before I sleep. It doesn't even really matter if he responds; it's more about me getting these things out there. He sort of nodded and grunted along as I became more incoherent - I'd been awake for 22 hours, and was starting to slide into delerious.

That little amourous notion came back to visit me though, before I really dropped off, so made with the snuggling and penis-stroking. In case I haven't made it clear before, I love that J and I sleep naked together. Makes seduction much, much easier. Unfortunately, J wasn't too awake - although his cock certainly was - so I wound up dropping off before he moved very much.

I woke up shortly afterwards to hands - hands on my breasts, hands on my thighs, my ass, my back, my neck and ears, my clit... oh, good morning, J. Being only half-awake myself, it took me a bit to realize what exactly was going on. I just knew that I liked it and wanted more.

Neither of us said anything. J's not very talkative at the best of times, and I was more incoherent than normal - the combination of exhaustion and arousal is a powerful one. My mind is about shut down, so the only input it's getting is sensation. No thoughts, no worries, not even listening to what's going on around me. I just feel.

Everything had a very dream-like quality to it - the pale light coming from the windows, my blurred vision and mind, a silent, stoic man fucking me with three fingers while holding me down... It was unbelievably intense. I didn't even know what I want, and if I had, I wouldn't have been able to express it. I was just a huge ball of want and need and whimpering. I absolutely love when he reduces me to that, when I am nothing more than His and needing Him, a completely and utterly submissive and sexual being.

I passed out almost immediately after a shocking orgasm; hopefully I didn't scream too loudly. When J came home from work today, I was awake again, and the slow, satisfied smile on his face when he looked at me was delicious. He has a way of making me feel like a veritable goddess - the only woman he would think of looking at, the most attractive, sexy, beautiful woman on earth, and the only one worthy of being His. Seeing that look sets off a bloom of pleasure and joy, somewhere deep inside, so that I feel like I'm radiating this golden aura of pleased happiness. I know that I've pleased him, and by so doing, pleased myself.

I needed that.

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