Thursday, September 07, 2006

I spent a month in England last year, and during that time, I drank innumerable cups of tea. Usually very, very good tea.

Tea was the beverage for nearly every occasion. Having company? Serve tea. Early morning? Have a cuppa. Meeting with coworkers? Tea. Relaxing in front of the telly of an evening? Tea, anyone?

I was a tea drinker anyway, but my experiences there just reinforced it. I came home with some lovely teas from Whittard's, drank them for a few weeks, and promptly forgot about them.

Tea is a comfort beverage. When the world is going entirely wrong, when nothing is right, and when all seems lost, things will turn out okay if it's still possible to make tea.

So I sit here, a cup of English Rose tea by my side, and realize that yes, things will all work out in the end. Even if right now, they seem rather bleak.


Hannah said...

Fresh baked scones with clotted cream don't hurt, either.

Chin up, doll, and take care of yourself.

french said...

Oh god, clotted cream. Even though I was walking around more than ever in England, I still think I gained about five pounds in clotted cream alone - never mind all of the other sweets and dessert items.