Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Well then!

I had my first experience with a Hitachi last night.  We'd actually bought it about, oh, a month ago, and Jay's been using it, but I have so far resisted.  I was... intimidated?  Concerned?  Hmm.  Well, not totally on board with having a Hitachi applied to me.

I mean, that sucker is fucking loud.

I was apparently in somewhat more experimental mental space last night - or at least willing to be talked in to things - because when Jay said "Oooh, let's try out the Hitachi" in the midst of our excited erotic fumblings, I said "Okay?"  Maybe it was just that I didn't feel like saying "no" yet again.

Yes, there was a question mark on that.

And... you know, it's different.  Not bad, definitely very intense.  But different.  It's definitely thrum-my, which I've heard.  And I found that for me, unlike most vibrators, it needs to not be applied directly to my clit.  Press it in to my pubic bone, above or below the clit?  Oh now that is delightful.  I highly enjoy the fact that everything vibrates.

Is it a game-changer?  Nah.  Did it totally rock my world and/or tilt it off its axis?  Nope.  Will I use it again?  Meh, probably.  I just can't see myself reaching for it repeatedly and often.  Of course, I don't reach for vibrators that often anyway, so that's really not super-surprising.

What is interesting is that the twiddly bits were not nearly as sensitive after orgasm as they usually are.  How much of that is the Hitachi and how much of that is just where I am on the sexuality swing (see also:  the other night, I masturbated to orgasm, and immediately wanted to go again), who knows.

So one Hitachi-assisted orgasm and one penis-assisted orgasm later, at 10 at night, I passed the hell out.  And woke up at 6 the next morning with my necklace still on.  Classy.

Obviously I needed that.

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