Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Woo equality!

So in case you haven't heard, Proposition 8 in California was overturned today and ruled to be unconstitutional.

Which is fucking awesome.

The ruling itself is a thing of beauty - and of course I'm biased; I have this pesky belief that gender, sex, and sexual orientation shouldn't be reasons to discriminate against anyone - and names opposition to same-sex marriage for what it is:  an emotional or religious belief that same-sex couples are inferior to "opposite-sex" couples.

Now granted, I'm privileged.  I'm a white straight cis-woman; the only ways I could get more privileged would be to be a cis-man and skinny.  So yes, I'm doing a happy dance about this.  This means a lot of my friends who couldn't get married before can.  This means that they get something I do, that I get to share, that the eyes of the law can't look on them differently than they do me in one very significant and visible way.

Does this mean that everyone's equal?  Nope.  Does it mean that gay and lesbian people are equal to everyone else?  Nope.  It doesn't even remotely touch on anything else in "LGBTQQI" besides the "L" and the "G", and even then, only on one specific issue, the recognition of marriage.

There is still so, so much to do.  I am not in any way denying that.  I'd love to see transpeople included in ENDA.  I'd love to see DOMA and DADT repealed.  I'd love to see marriage redefined and poly relationships recognized.  I'd love to see actual equality, for fucking everyone.  This ruling, this ruling about one specific thing, is not even enshrined in law yet and could very well be overturned.

And maybe because I am so privileged, it's easier for me, even with all of that, to do a happy dance about this.  Maybe it's easier for me to be overjoyed that a symbol - a symbol - is step-by-step becoming more accessible for everyone, should they choose it. 

But you know what?  Fuck it.  This is another course of bricks in the big ol' house called Equality, and fuck it, I'm celebrating.

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