Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Hey babe - can I come over tonight and pick up my pda? I think I left it at your place.

He did, of course. I saw it immediately upon waking up yesterday morning. I only vaguely remembered him leaving.

Being three glasses into the wine Rabbit and I had bought earlier that night, I gleefully agreed.

He came over, saying that he was going home at a reasonable hour, but that he could stay a while. I'm not sure why he ever says that; "reasonable hour" usually means "six-thirty so I can stop home and shower before going in to work tomorrow morning".

I had brought home furniture from my parents'. I'd been planning on rearranging and cleaning a few things, so that I could put it in my room, instead of leaving it in the hall, and saw no reason to change my plans because he was there. Eventually, he grew tired of watching me throw things away and wipe up layers of dust, so he said "There is too much crap on this bed, and not enough naked french."

"Just a few more minutes. I'll be done by midnight." I'd continued to imbibe - again, seeing no reason to change my plans on his account.

I joined him on my bed, curling up, but having to move quickly, as he'd already tired of seeing me in a t-shirt.

"Oooh. What is this?"

A free day and nearly two weeks of nothing sexual had led me to experiment earlier that afternoon. The experiment included ropes and breasts, and was a resounding success. My skin was marked afterwards.

I suddenly became shy; caught out at being sexual without Jay.

"I was... experimenting."

"Oh? Do tell."

"Well, obviously with rope."

"I know; that's why I want you to tell."

"I'll tell you later," being unable to tell him exactly what I had done to myself.

"The idea of you experimenting, especially with rope, makes me very, very excited." He took off my bra, and his shirt, and my pants and panties - to see if I'd been experimenting anywhere else - and sat with his back against the wall, pulling me to sit between his legs, my back to his chest.

I hissed as he grabbed at my breasts; they were already sore, and my earlier activities had done nothing to improve this condition. I could feel his grin as he continued to caress and fondle them, pinching here, soothing there, the occasional slap.

He slid my glasses off as my eyes glazed over, then reached up with his hand upon my throat, raising my head up and back, exposing my neck, putting the slightest amount of pressure on it. Enough to make sure I knew exactly what he could do, exactly how powerless I would be to stop him.

He continued to hold my head back as he intensified his attention to my poor breasts, slapping them more firmly, tracing the rope lines upon them, kneading and squeezing, making me moan and gasp and writhe in his embrace. "Mine," he growled into my ear as he pulled my head a little tighter, a little farther. His fingers slid into my pussy easily. The bed already had a damp spot.

"Are you trying to make me cum?"

"Maybe. I'll have to think about it." His hand on my pussy moved up to my clit, gently sliding over it, rubbing, pinching, pulling.

I bucked my hips, making him smack my legs and breasts to keep me in line. "If you aren't good, and hold still, you won't get to cum." I whimpered, legs shaking as I tried to keep them perfectly still, to control the spasms.

He pulled the hood of my clit back and touched it directly, making me whine in pleasure and pain. "Good girl... don't move." He rubbed my clit faster, and more firmly, making my mouth fall open and my breath come in gasps which quickly turned to cries as he slapped at my pussy and breasts, his hand on my throat and jaw keeping me still.

My body was stiff and still, muscles straining. "I suppose you still want to cum?" I gave a barely perceptible nod, as he continued to manipulate my pussy and clit.

What felt like hours later, he gave his answer. "I suppose that's alright." I moaned in relief, relaxing my legs, feeling the beginnings of an orgasm already sweeping over me. He held me tightly against him as I came, quieting my moans with his mouth upon mine, getting his hand even more wet.

He wrapped his arms around me as my head lolled back, biting my ear.

"Mine." I couldn't have disagreed if I'd wanted to.

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