Monday, May 03, 2004

Everything in its right place

This past weekend was definitely not the time for any sort of sexual exploration, solo or with J. We spent the weekend moving - we got a new, gorgeous, huge apartment with fabulous accouterments and suchlike, for a very affordable price. We couldn't pass it up.

A definite benefit of this new place is all the space. We more than doubled the square footage available to us by moving here. In our last place, we ran into a few problems - with the bed, my desk, the dresser, and the bookshelves in the bedroom, we had maybe five square feet of open space to work with - I wish I were kidding. The living room wasn't much better; we had a couch, cocktail table, end table, and tv table in there, and that had to share space with our former flatmate's dining room table. Not a whole lot of open space there either. Overnight guests had to sleep on the floor, and there was barely enough space for that in either my room or the living room.

The mention of the flatmates brings up another problem: flatmates. In an apartment with paper-thin walls. On the second floor of a three-floor building. Abutting two other apartments. Not exactly conducive to some wild, shrieking sex and/or games. Everything had to stay in our small little bedroom, and it had to stay quiet, for fear that the neighbors would call the cops, or that we'd wake up the flatmates. So much for a good spanking. And never mind spending a weekend in submissive service!

But like I said, the new place is much better. Not only is our bedroom roughly twice the size of the old one, we have a living room (bigger than the combined living/dining room in the old one), a separate dining room, an eat-in kitchen, and two other bedrooms. One of those will eventually be occupied by V, a close friend of ours - but that's not until the end of the month. And since we're in a two-family home, the only neighbors close enough to potentially hear are the landlords, who live upstairs. However, given that this is an actual house, the walls are a lot thicker. I haven't heard more than a few heavy footsteps all day.

So, J and I are in a huge, wide-open apartment, by ourselves for the entire month. He's mentioned to me that he already has a few ideas for things we can do - I believe most of them involve me naked and wearing a collar. This coming weekend ought to be quite interesting.

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