Monday, June 19, 2006

Don't know when

I'm taking a train back to my house some time this afternoon, having spent the weekend out here with Vinnie and Mike. I've known Vinnie long enough that when he is over at my house, or I am over at his, we literally make ourselves at home. I know where things are, I help myself to what I need, I take what space I need, etc. and so on. It makes for a comfortable weekend - no worrying about being "on" in front of your hosts - being socially acceptable and whatnot.

Well, I wouldn't worry about being socially acceptable with Vinnie and Mike anyway. We're usually not. Vinnie and I are bad enough, with our snarky comments and horrible, horribly funny jokes. But Mike can really come up with some fucked-up shit. Usually in public. I feel that one day, the three of us are going to come up with something particularly fucked-up, and the wrong person will hear it. Hasn't happened yet, though, and it's not like we didn't try. So instead I'll just be happy with the being doubled-up with laughter that usually happens when I'm around them.

I also got to see Vinnie's parents, which is always a pleasure. Scattered around the country are the parents of my friends, most of whom I view as a sort of adopted parents. Luckily, they view me in a reciprocal fashion. We had a barbecue out at their house for Father's Day. In typical fashion, I forgot my swimsuit, so Vinnie's mom lent me one (hey, it was family, no need for high fashion here). His seven-year-old cousin was there as well. I remember when she was born, which is just a little bit scary for me. She's a cutie though. Thought that Mike and I were dating, which is just hilarious.

I was also the only woman around the entire weekend, including for the soiree on Saturday night. There were eight guys, and then me. I also loved that, because I wasn't there as a woman, I was there as one of the guys. We drank and played games and made stupid comments and witticisms and had a grand old time.

All in all, I needed this weekend desperately. Sure, I got to sleep in Vinnie's un-air-conditioned living room on a couch, but I got to sleep. And not use an alarm in the morning. And just relax and be me.

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