Monday, June 05, 2006

This is how you remind me

As I mentioned in my last entry, Joseph is flying out here for a week in July. When notified of this development, Vinnie had this to say:

Oh dear. Pills and condoms, girl. This man has previously successful sperm. And you know how I feel about sleeping with people with SO's... not your sin. Now, I'd suggest letting him make the first move (although flying out to spend a week with you is quite a first move, you know what I mean) and whatever you do, don't let yourself fall in love. If you're going to have sex with this loser, do it to resolve sexual tension. And remember, he's got a kid and a woman he should make honest, and he lives far, far away.

I love when he gets all pragmatic on my ass. And it truly is good advice, especially since I can't see myself in a relationship of any consequence with Joseph at all. Oh true, there's ye olde tonne of sexual tension there, but relationship sparks? Nah.

Then again, I do have high standards there.

Anyway, I haven't decided whether I'll fuck him or not. Probably will. Might not. Definitely dangerous.


Hannah said...

Not your sin true, but 'don't fall in love' is harder advice to stick to. Careful, darling...tread carefully.

french said...

Oh, it's definitely hard advice to stick too. I feel like I'm on a flipping tight-rope. Thankfully, I have almost two months to sort out everything and be ready for whatever hits in July.