Monday, June 26, 2006

Is it any wonder

"I'm hungry," he whines at me.

"What do you want me to do about it?"

"Well it's your house."

In response I roll over and grab his cock to distract him. As always, this works magnificently. He closes his eyes, and on his face, that little satisfied smile I know so well appears. I snuggle up closer, wrapping my body around his like ivy. My hand strays a bit lower, caressing and tugging his balls. This elicits a moan. Distraction fully engaged.

I kiss him, once, twice, gently, quick little smacks. It becomes something deeper, more open, faster, harder. His hands are on me now, tugging my nipples, sliding between my legs. I'm wet, ready, like I have been all day. He has a raider's grin, now.

I break off and take his cock into my mouth. His eyes roll back into his head, as do mine. No matter how many times I do this, no matter how often I dream about it, it is always intensely satisfying. And arousing. I lick and suck and drool and make satisfied noises all over his cock and sack, while he relaxes back and enjoys my efforts.

Soon, I pop back up and kiss him again, with a calculating gleam in my eye. The gleam stays as I lean back to caress him.

"I know that look," he says. "You're thinking."

I nod in acknowledgement; I have indeed been thinking. Lasciviously, of course.

"I like when you think."


"You always think up such wonderful things."

My turn to grin now. I ask him to sit on the edge of the bed, so that I can kneel in front of him. He happily obliges, and I settle myself in between his legs. One hand cupping his balls, my mouth taking him deep. There is wetness everywhere - saliva and precum between his legs, and on my face. Cunt juices dripping from me and on his fingers. A cock in my mouth never fails to elicit this response, and he knows it. Kneeling, presenting myself to him, only heightens the sensations.

The further along he gets, the farther and farther he leans back, until I am on my knees on the floor and he is laying back on the bed again. I reach up and tweak his nipples while I suck, pinching and rolling them. He shoves his cock deeper into my mouth, groaning. He's getting close, now. I knead his thighs, taking his balls into my mouth, gently pulling. He fists his hands in my hair, pulling me back to his cock. I greedily take it in, determined to finish him. As I work my head back and forth, he bucks his hips, thrusting, panting, until finally I hear his shout and feel his cock twitch, spilling out his delicious cum, flooding my mouth.

I lick him clean, and with a satisfied smile on my face, crawl back up on to the bed to kiss him again. We curl up together, his hand on my cunt, and half-doze for a short while, sated, satisfied.

He turns to me and says "I'm still hungry though." I can do nothing but laugh.