Thursday, June 29, 2006

I hate everyone and everything

Apparently my car is invisible, because not once, not twice, but no less than SIX FUCKING TIMES did someone nearly make a right turn off of a side street into my car. Now, maybe I'm biased, but I do not have a small car. It is a big fat Ford ('cause I love me some big fat Fords). It has a big engine. Its engine likes to purr and be very responsive to the gas pedal. What is most fun is the hill by my house with the stoplight. It is the perfect hill, because while I am waiting for the light, I don't have to press the brakes. I am digressing.

People are fucking stupid. And they do not like to look when they are turning. And then they like to give me a dirty look, as if to say "HOW DARE YOU BE DRIVING ON THIS STREET AND GETTING IN MY WAY" so I yell "FUCK YOU RIGHT-OF-WAY DICKWEED DO YOU SPEAK IT" and this helps me a lot.

I hate other drivers. They suck.


Hannah said...

Damn straight they do! They can all go suck it.

WM said...

My wife goes through the same thing. She comes home and simply tells me the car is invisible again.

People can't drive for shit.