Monday, June 19, 2006

Put on some make-up

Joseph emailed me this morning. I'd emailed him a link to a site where there was apparently a ticket to my place $50 than we'd found it anywhere else. However, it required an overnight flight. I emailed it to him anyway.

He's not thrilled about the overnight flight, and he's even less thrilled about the fact that he was out sick from work a few days the past week or two, and so does not have the extra cash he was banking on to buy the tickets. At this point, it's looking less and less likely that he'll actually make it out here - which is no surprise, really. Maybe I just have low expectations; maybe I just attract loser guys, but I would be much more surprised if he actually did make it out here.

It's hard to wish him luck as well, especially when I'm still so soured on the idea. There is only one man out there that gets to use the possessive on me (so far, I think I hope) and Joseph ain't him.

So instead I will make a contingency plan. If I don't roadtrip for a week this summer, I do not have plans to cry my eyes out. Instead, I will look into summer skiing options. Because dear god, I love skiing. And besides, Switzerland has always sounded nice to me.

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Hannah said...

That my friend, is why you must always keep your passport current. ;-)