Friday, July 14, 2006

Like I needed this lesson

So Chris, the eater-of-the-cool-whip, is the roommate that Rabbit and I were planning on kicking out. One small problem - neither of us really wanted to tell him this.

See, Chris is a bit delusional, and thinks that we like him. He's one of those "nice, but dumb" people. And, well, while Rabbit and I can be wicked bitchy, we didn't want to be that bitch. Plus, I was the one who originally invited Chris to live here. This is not the first crap roommate I have picked; perhaps I should not have the final say in these matters.

When confronted about the disappearing dessert topping, Chris surprised the hell out of me and admitted to it. He did not, however, admit that he's ever stolen food before (which he has. And it's always the good stuff, like cool whip, or Chips Ahoy!). Still, at least he admitted it this time - not that he had much choice; Rabbit was on vacation so it was either him or me that ate the damn stuff, and if I was that irritated, chances are I didn't do it.

I was quite proud of confronting him. I don't have any problem taking strangers to task, or the kids at work, or my co-workers, but people I live with? Oh man, I do not want to come home to a fight. That is just a huge pain in my ass, and it's not the kind of pain that I like, so I'll pass, thanks. Of course, this just sets up the situation to get worse, because if you don't let someone know that they're doing something wrong, they're probably not going to get it, and when they are repeat offenders of my sensibilities, I get very, very angry.

So I was trying to figure out how to tell Chris that he wasn't going to be signing the new lease with us this fall, and that someone was coming over to look at the apartment, when I open my email, and hey, there's something from Chris.

Hey, I just wanted to let you know, I found an apartment on the south side of town, so I will be moving out at the end of August. I wanted to let you know before I told the landlords.

Problem fucking solved.

However, the lesson here is that if I ignore an unpleasant duty long enough, it fixes itself - which is patently not true, except in this case.

Hey, maybe it will work with my grad school financial aid (no, no it won't, I need to stop dreaming on that one).

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Hannah said...

I have this problem to. It's a tough one to get over.