Monday, July 17, 2006

Turn it over

Jay is unsubtle at the best of times. His idea of a "subtle" hint would be to lay on my bed in a suggestive pose.

We've both been known to switch, and he's been hinting that he was in the mood for that lately anyway. So Saturday night, after I got home from work, he came over, and we went out to dinner, having a lovely and suggestive conversation the whole way there and back. Maybe it's wrong, but I'm highly entertained by giving him a turn in public, with the things I whisper into his ear. I nearly got him to blush, which I count as a victory for me.

Upon arriving back at la maison, he proceeded to lay spreadeagled on my bed - the suggestive pose, of course. I laughed and crawled into bed with him, asking if he was trying to tell me something. He played dumb, as he usually does. My thoughts starting swirling, coming up with possible scenarios.

Our conversation moved on, but my brain didn't - and neither did his. We'd been talking about how much I loved skinny men with muscles, when he remarked that gee, since he's lost so much weight, maybe the collar fits him now? The collar in question is the one in the picture I put up here - just a simple leather collar with a single drop ring. We have a couple of other collars, but we both tend to like the simplicity of this one.

Being as how the collar was right next to my bed, since I'd just used it, I grabbed it and he put it on. Perhaps not surprisingly, it fit.

Now, I consider myself, mainly, a sub. I don't like to be in charge, except in my vanilla life (where it's better for all concerned if I am). But if there is some patron saint or deity of domme-liness, she smacked me upside the head but good as soon as I saw Jay wearing that collar. We are talking but good here, people. I grabbed the ring forcefully, pulling him towards me for a deep kiss, and gods if it wasn't wonderful. That was more than enough to raise the temperature of the room by a good five degrees, so I turned the a/c up and stripped Jay down.

Throughout the entire process, I had the most wicked little gleeful grin upon my face. Since I've known him for so long, I know exactly what makes Jay squirm, and I took large advantage of that fact, tying off his hands to the collar to keep them out of my way. The session was a mixture of some of his favorite things (cock and ball bondage, spanking, nipple clamps), and some of mine (which are mostly the things that make him squirm - tickling, and things between his toes).

I can certainly understand the appeal and desire to top. The notion that I put that look of absolute terrified bliss on someone's face is a heady one, indeed. And oh, there was terrified bliss going on - especially when I added a little bit of predicament bondage to the mix. I'll have to remember that it's quite fun to tie Jay's feet to his cock and then tickle them.

Ultimately, topping is as much about pleasing the other person as yourself, I think. Obviously, he was pleased - he's been profusely thanking me since Saturday - but I too was pleased, because I knew that he was. How's that for a feedback loop.

In the end, after we'd dissected the session, we decided that while we both enjoyed switching, we both prefer our usual role - He as the dom, me as the sub. And I'm quite alright with that.

Still, it wouldn't hurt to brush up on some of my rustier bondage skills. Some of it was absolutely sloppy, and I abhor sloppy work.


Hannah said...

What is it with you tops and stuff between toes???? i HATE that!

french said...


Better yet, it doesn't bother me to have things between my toes at all. Jay can't even watch me put on toe socks without freaking out. I make sure to wear them around him frequently.

Hannah said...

In that case, try chopsticks next time. It seriously sucks - you'll probably love it!