Monday, July 10, 2006

Sweet dreams

"Mine", he says, sliding his hand around my body to gently nestle around my His cunt, the other lazily playing in my hair.

Me, half-asleep, giving a small murmur of assent. Snuggling back against him, enjoying the feel of his arms around me and his hands upon me.

"All mine", he growls in satisfaction, curling around me.

"I borrowed it."

This stops him. "Oh?" he casually asks. A touch of worry in his voice; he knows he's not the only one who would stake a claim.

Drowsily I almost nod; "mmmhmm" I say in my sleepyvoice, much higher than my usual voice. I sound young and innnocent.

"In the shower," I tell him. "It's waterproof", referring to the vibrator currently hiding in the drawer next to my bed.

"Reallllllly", he drawls, slipping a finger between my lips, brief worry over before it can take hold.

"Mmmhmm" I respond again. "I hope that's okay."

"Oh yes. You may borrow it for that any time you like."


"Yes. I like the idea of that very, very much," he tells me. I have independent verification: his cock, hard, nestled between my cheeks.

"Okay" I singsong, and drift off to sleep.

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