Tuesday, April 25, 2006

All just a little bit of...

Ever notice how life tends to work in cycles? I'm listening to a song right now that I obsessively listened to in high school, and it's back to being extremely relevant to my life. For a while, it was on my playlist, I listened to it, I liked it, and it reminded me of the period of my life when I first heard it, but now, eight or so years later, it's back to being "Sweet Jesus, this IS my life right now".

Not that that's necessarily a bad thing; if I have to repeat my earlier life (and I can't manage college), high school is better than junior high. At least by high school I'd attained a degree of independence, as well as a good friend, so that I wasn't completely ostracized. Plus, high school was, in large part, a holding pattern before I could get to the awesomeness of college, so if I'm feeling some of the same things, this must just be the holding pattern before something similarly awesome.

I don't necessarily have lots of evidence for this, but I have decided that I would like it very much to be true.

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