Wednesday, April 05, 2006

That really wasn't what you were asking, was it.

Monday night, I was home from work, and probably should have been asleep. No, scratch that, I should definitely have been. I was exhausted, and on Tuesdays, I have to get up at 6:30 to get to work by 9. But instead I stayed up having a long conversation via journal comments with a good friend of mine. Good for me.

In the meantime, I was checking email, and oh look! Here's a new one from Peter, asking if I'm free Tuesday evening. I was, although I was already planning on staying at work until around five or so to catch up on some things, so I promptly emailed him back saying "Sure! Let's get dinner. Seven-ish okay?"

Not five minutes later, Jay IMs me. Oh, hi Jay, how was work wait you want to come over tomorrow night? Couldn't you have asked me this about ten minutes earlier?

I sat on the decision for about five minutes, and of course talked to Vinnie about it. What are fags for, if not for advising their Queen. He said that I should make my own decision (he's saying that a lot lately; I think I am looking for too much advice).

Now, I was already exhausted, I was stressed over work - to the point where I was nearly in tears in supervision! - and knew that Tuesday wasn't likely to make me feel better. That right there made my decision. There was no way I was going to be up to looking nice and making nice with a near-stranger in a public place with lots of complete strangers. Being social is difficult. It's taxing, and drains my reserves even on a good day. Sure, going out for a few drinks with Peter would be fun, but I don't know him well enough to be stupid with him, if that makes sense.

So I told Jay "give me five minutes", and emailed Peter. Sure, it was a lie. I said "Or maybe I could be a COMPLETE IDIOT and look at the wrong date on my dayrunner. Tuesday's not good. Is there another day this week that works for you?" and then made plans with Jay to pick me up from work and come hang out with me.

This was, by far, the better of the two options. I fell asleep in Jay's car on the way to my house. He then proceeded to buy me food and solicitously put me to bed. After the mad monkey sex we had. And oh, it was mad, and it was monkey.

I'll go out with Peter next week. This week I needed a little TLC, and Jay was the perfect person to provide it.


Dan said...
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Dan said...

Welcome back. Aloha. Bienvenido.

french said...

Thanks :)