Friday, April 28, 2006

My life is boring

Pretty much all I've been doing for the past week is sleeping and working. This is different from my normal schedule of sleeping and working in the fact that I'm doing the working part longer, and on more days. This makes me tired, and not interested in much.

The other thing occupying my mind has been finding a car. See, taking public transportation to work is completely doable, and in fact, I have been doing so for well over a year. It just takes me an hour and a half, at least, each way. Plus, my graduate school is about forty-five minutes in the opposite direction... so taking public transport from work to school would probably take about two hours. This is not acceptable, so I am working on remedying the situation with a car.

Yes, yes, cars are expensive, blah blah, you can do homework on the bus, blah blah, but let's be realistic. As an undergraduate, I also took public transport, and I never, repeat, never did homework on the bus. I was always way too interested in my iPod, or in the emulated NES games on my laptop. Plus, that hour and a half home really cuts into my unwinding and sleeping time.

So right now I'm looking at a few beaters in the area; I don't have that much money to buy a car but I do have some. So I'm scouring the classifieds, online and off, for something cheap and reliable. I've got a few leads, so with any luck, by this time next week I'll be driving to work.

Other than that, I really don't have much going on. Jay is still trying to date me, Peter shot me an email apologizing for being so busy, and a few other guys have expressed interest in me, and I'm still in the middle, completely indecisive. About the only thing that's changed is that now I'm irritated and upset about my indecisiveness. That is a ridiculous amount of fun, let me assure you.

Bah, work calls. Time to stop sitting around and moping in my pajamas and get ready to head out for the day.

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