Thursday, April 13, 2006

Long Cool Woman

For the winter and my singledom, I admit, I got lazy when it came to shaving my legs. I had no one to impress, and my work isn't the kind where I need to wear a skirt on a regular basis. So, by the time the beginning of this month hit, my mother was calling me saying they'd spotted a Yeti in my area, and was that me? Did I need some razors or something? Because she'd send me some. Or some of that Veet stuff. Or maybe I should come back home.

It can't have been me, Mom; I've been wearing pants all winter.

Anyway, last week I finally broke down and bought myself some of that Veet stuff, thank you very much I am an independent woman. And oh, the smoothness. The very smoothness. I'd nearly forgotten what it felt like.

So yesterday, when I was at the portion of my weekly activities that did require me to wear something other than blue jeans, I decided hey! I have the smoothness. And it's spring. Let's wear a skirt!

I had completely forgotten just how fucking awesome skirts can be. And how nice my legs look in hosiery and high heels - and how nice my butt and hips look in the skirt, especially now that I've lost around forty pounds. Hot damn, I may have to keep up with this girly shit, because damn if it doesn't get lots of appreciative looks from people.

What can I say? I'm an attention whore. I like when guys (and a few girls) check me out.

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